Double Row Roller Squeeze Mop


  • Product category: mop
  • Product size (unit cm): 27-120 can be reduced to 100
  • Color: green
  • Materials: PP + PVA + iron


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Product features:
1: PVA foam cotton head, new generation of constant temperature foaming technology, strong adsorption, no cracking, no deformation, no mould, easy to clean a clean, clean more relaxed, wave stripes design, easier to absorb dust, absorb water, suck hair
2: All plastic parts are made of new PP plastic, rivet fixed parts, more solid and beautiful
3: Mop rod adopts 0.45mm thickened iron pipe, the load can reach 30 kilograms and the wall is specially treated with rust
Surface is sprayed with plastic, strong and durable, powerful and non skid
4: Slot type cotton head, gently push easy replacement
Cotton head iron clip Q195 steel, surface electrophoretic treatment
5: Head of the mop bar is bent, so that the bottom of the table and the corners can be easily cleaned
6: Because cotton heads are foamed materials, stomata are normal
If they are dried for a long-time, they can be soaked in water tanks to soften quickly
Single packaging: OPP bag
Packing number: 30 pieces
Outer box size: 96*32.5*59cm
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