Amazfit GTS 4 Mini


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  • 1 year Warranty
  • 24H Heart Rate, SpO₂ & Stress Monitoring
  • 120+ Sports Modes & Smart Recognition
  • 5 Satellite Positioning Systems
  • 15-day Battery Life
(32 customer reviews)
The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smartwatch has a 1.65-inch square-shaped dial fitted with AMOLED display, which amounts to 354 x 306 pixel resolution.
Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini | Compact and Power-packed

  • Ultra-slim and Light Design
  • 24H Heart Rate, SpO2 & Stress Monitoring
  • 120+ Sports Modes & Smart Recognition
  • 5 Satellite Positioning Systems
  • 15-day Battery Life

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini has 1.65″ HD AMOLED Display with 70.2% of Screen-to-body Ratio and 309 PPI.

The Amazfit GTS Mini smartwatch has 270 mAh battery, which is lot of power for something so small.
  • Normal Use Lasts 15 days
  • Heavy Use Lasts days
  • Battery Saver Mode Lasts 45 days
  • Continuous GPS Use Lasts 21 hours.

Yes, Amazfit GTS 4 Mini do have Always On Display(AOD) in it as usual.

The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini probably has a 120+ sports mode for anything that makes you want to push yourself. Like walking, running, cycling, yoga and many more.

Yes. The Amazfit GTS 4 mini can stand up to 5ATM of water. It can be used for water sports in shallow water, like at the beach or in a swimming pool. However, it does NOT support sauna, hot springs and diving.

The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini can receive calls notifications and receive text message notifications but you can’t make calls or reply to text messages on the watch.

Click the right button on the watch’s home screen to get to the main menu, then swipe up until you see “Workout.” If you tap Workout, you can get to running outside. If you swipe left from the outdoor running interface, you can get to the treadmill, cycling, open water, pool, walking, and other features.


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Introduction to Xiaomi Huami Amazfit. Xiaomi Huami Technology was founded in 2013. It is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the United States (stock code: HMI), and is also the first smart hardware company in China to enter the US capital market. The company's mission is to "connect health with technology". With a "chip + device + cloud" strategy, Huami offers chips, smart wearables, and health cloud services, and expects to build a global healthcare ecosystem and be the most trusted partner for our users. As a globally leading smart wearable innovator, Huami’s main products are wearable devices such as smart bracelets, smart watches, and sports earbuds, and products related to sports and health such as treadmills, weight scales, body fat scales, shoes, and clothing. The company offers seven series of smart watch products under the independent brand Amazfit, including the Stratos series, Basic series, Flagship series, Health series, Fashion series, Outdoor series, and X series. In addition, at CES 2020, the company launched its first professional truly wireless sports earbuds and smart treadmill products. With a complete line of product offerings and outstanding product experience, Huami maximizes its ability to satisfy the different needs of different consumer groups. Huami Technology and Disney launched a number of customized products based around the Avengers, Star Wars, and other themes, which have been very warmly received by users and fans. As of August 27, 2019, global cumulative shipments of Huami's smart devices exceeded 100 million units. In the first three quarters of 2019, Huami Technology's total shipments reached 27.6 million units, an increase of 50.8% year on year, exceeding the full-year shipments of 2018. Of these, in the third quarter, shipments were 13.7 million units, marking the first time single-quarter shipments exceeded ten million. Revenue of over 3.7 billion yuan was reached in the first three quarters, an increase of 52.9% year on year, and also exceeding the full year of 2018. Huami Technology launched the world's first smart wearable chip based on the RISC-V open source instruction set—the "Huangshan 1", which has seen large-scale use in its original Amazfit smart watches and smart bracelets. With 200% higher atrial fibrillation judgment efficiency than non-AI processors, these are AI chips that are truly for health. Overall design has also been completed for the next-generation "Huangshan 2", which will enter mass production in 2020. Huami Technology possesses a massive pool of sports and health data, and has launched its health cloud service. As of September 30, 2019, Huami's smart wearable devices recorded a cumulative 81.2 trillion steps, a cumulative sleep record of 7 billion nights, total heart rate records of 21.1 billion hours, and 14,890,000 ECG electrocardiogram datasets, thereby detecting nearly 70,000 cases of suspected or preliminarily screened out atrial fibrillation. Huami Technology has also established its own team of medical experts, more than 90% of whom possess a master's degree or a doctorate. In cooperation with the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of Peking University First Hospital, a clinical study on atrial fibrillation detection by smart wearables was conducted. The results showed that the accuracy of ECG and PPG in determining atrial fibrillation is as high as 94.76% and 93.27%, respectively, reaching the level of professional human physicians.


32 reviews for Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

  1. Luja Maharjan

    Great bargain for a fantastic watch

  2. Aasha Tamangni

    It functions admirably and is comfortable to wear. I employ it to keep track of my motion and sleep.

  3. Yagya Rai Thapa

    Very good watch with a battery life of more than a week and the best value among watches.

  4. Aashish Kumar

    The Amoled display panel, which gives the watch a luxury feel, is its best feature. overall excellent watch

  5. Prajwal

    I’ve had this watch for a month and I’m extremely delighted with it because it met my needs.

    It provided precise distance and step counts while I was running and wearing it throughout my morning walk.
    Have effective workout modes; if you don’t select one while exercising, it will do it automatically and store your progress.

    Battery life is still decent after being charged once per week (as I am using it normally while workouts)

  6. Rabindra Meher Kayastha

    Excellent watch and fitness monitor! Tracks sleep and everyday activities, has good Alexa connectivity.

  7. Sujit Devkota

    Excellent watch for my needs. I don’t run every application because I don’t need them all for what I’m trying to do. I do continue to use the heart rate, oxygen, and sleep tracker. The battery is still 40% below the initial charge after 11 days.

  8. Bondita

    I appreciate how well-designed and simple it is to use.

  9. Abhishek Shakya

    Excellent battery life Great pricing on a fantastic watch!

  10. Kishu Rawal

    I’ve worn bands and watches, and I was frequently very dissatisfied with them. When I ordered this one, my expectations weren’t particularly great, but I was pleasantly surprised. Since I work overnights in the hospital, I can’t worry about the battery life; in fact, I don’t even have a problem with it. Who wants to reach into their scrubs with a gloved hand when their phone calls when notifications are consistent? Overall, I had a great time watching you.

  11. Ikchya Tamang

    The battery cannot be evaluated just yet. Your daily spending is 5% on average. According to the manufacturer, it should last for 15 days. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase.

  12. Rabin Kaini

    I don’t have to carry around my phone everywhere because it keeps perfect time and helps me keep track of my walking.

  13. Malika Maharjan

    Purchased this for tracking sleep, heart rate, and steps. It is of high quality and is a fantastic value. does far more than anticipated!

  14. Manish Ratna Konaju

    My watch has been entertaining. It costs a fraction of what the more costly one does and accomplishes almost everything! It works with my phone, which is a plus. There are numerous band possibilities, and it’s lightweight. Must purchase if you want all the benefits of a high-end watch but are on a tight budget.

  15. Prasana Poudel

    I’ve had fun watching. It costs incredibly little and performs almost identically to the more expensive one. It works with my phone, which is a benefit. It is portable, and there are a ton of band selections. Must purchase if you need a high-end watch but are on a tight budget.

  16. Sarjuna Adhikari

    An excellent purchase is the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch.

  17. Bikesh Yonzan

    GTS 4 Mini: Incredible Style, Gorgeous Screen, and Long-Lasting Battery

  18. Rashika Sherchan

    A new fitness watch was required. I opted for this brand over the more costly Fitbit after doing a lot of reading and research. For me, this fitness watch has been ideal. It manages everything and has a ton of options. In the entire month, I only charge it a few of times! Wonderful acquisition. I heartily suggest it.

  19. Bhaibab

    Excellent value for money

  20. Rabin Dahal

    I’ve had fun watching. It costs incredibly little and performs almost identically to the more expensive one. It works with my phone, which is a benefit. It is portable, and there are a ton of band selections. Must purchase if you need a high-end watch but are on a tight budget.

  21. Ashik Lama

    I adored this watch; it has a long battery life and functions flawlessly even when I dive into a 20-foot pool. I suggest it.

  22. Pranesh Maharjan

    My two GTS 2 Watches have been in use for a while now. I chose to get a GTS 4 micro as a backup because I believed I had misplaced one of them while traveling. The old watch was actually still there, but I greatly prefer this one.
    I had two watches since I needed to replace the batteries frequently because they only lasted approximately 1-1/2 days. After wearing this watch nonstop for several days, it is now at 74%, so I’m thrilled. I won’t use the GTS 2 watches again. The GTS 2 had difficulties staying linked to my phone, and this one also has a one-tap assessment for stress, blood oxygen, and heart Rate is rather smooth, and it is also more simpler than on the GTS 2. Therefore, I do enjoy this watch a lot.

  23. Bishal Acharya

    This watch is a terrific alternative for me because it allows me to keep track of my workouts, steps, music availability notifications, and social media updates. It’s also an excellent investment because the battery life is excellent.

  24. Ishmita

    A great watch that I would recommend to anyone, especially Seniore, because it tracks my sleep and steps.

  25. Kriten

    I don’t have to take my phone around with me everywhere, and it helps me keep track of my walking.

  26. Bichita Yam Thakuri

    Very nice smartwatch. Benefits include a long battery life, ease of use once connected to a phone, attractive displays, and a variety of watch faces that can be downloaded for free. Cons: The first time you connect a phone, it’s difficult, and you have to click several times to start your workout. If you miss a click, there’s no way to go back and add the activity. Since it is not connected to my phone’s messages, I am unaware of how it would function. however, really pleased with the price.

  27. Sumer Singh

    This one is functional and has a good appearance. My wife loves it and the battery lasts a long time.

  28. Samrat Bista

    I purchased this item for my training sessions because of the great variety of activities!

  29. Anish Yadav

    I adore my watch, however the only feature I wish it had was the ability to receive calls and Whatsapp messages.

  30. Sobik Syangtan

    I’ve been wearing this watch for around four months. Everything functions just like I want it to. I use a treadmill for exercise and I utilize an alarm and notifications. Additionally, it is excellent that they are water resistant.

  31. Sahan Yadav

    It provides the information I was looking for and is simple to use. It charges quickly and retains its power for a long time. To my pals, I’d suggest it.

  32. Chanda Sharma

    It looks nice, however others believe it to be an Iwatch. Everything that it can accomplish is done. I switch between using this and my Fitbit watch. I like the affordability, the extended battery life, and the pink color.

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