Mibro is a lightlife technology brand made by Zhenshi Technology. Xiaomi, NGP Capital, and Morningside Capital have invested in Zhenshi Technology, which makes Mibro one of Xiaomi’s most important ecological chain members.

Based on high-tech companies in the smart wear and health fields, our starting point is to make high-tech products that are smarter and easier to use.We design, develop, and make smart hardware on our own, and our strict quality control system makes sure that every product meets high standards.

Our goal is to bring freedom and technology together and make people’s lives easier. We are committed to giving people affordable, high-quality tech products that help them live in a way that is healthy, positive, and stylish. We also keep working with our partners to come up with more new technologies.

Mibro Smartwatch in Nepal

About Mibro

Zhenshi Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is one of the top technology companies in the smart watch industry. From the beginning, the company has been committed to giving customers around the world the most professional and best service possible. Shanghai, which is one of the most exciting and international cities in the world, is where our headquarters, R&D, and domestic Sales & Marketing center are. More than 200 and more of the best R&D engineers work on making smart wears devices with the most advanced technology. Our global Sales and Marketing Center is in Shenzhen, a city known as a “window” that is full of new ideas and has the whole supply chain in place to make sure that our cutting-edge vision and manufacturing capacity are met.

With our fast growth, we show that we have a lot of potential and give our investors, like Xiaomi, NGP Capital, Morningside Capital, and other Capitals, a lot of faith in us.


Zhenshi has created two world-famous brands, Xunkids and Mibro, by working hard on making great products over and over again. They are proud to serve more than 20 million customers in more than 1,800 cities around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs):

.How do I connect my Mibro smart watch to my phone for the first time?

Please follow the steps as below:

1.To ensure that the device has sufficient power to start running normally, please charge the new device for at least 10 minutes before using it for the first time 

2.Power on (press the right physical button for 2-3 seconds to turn on);

3.After the watch is turned on, please scan the QR code that displayed on the watch with your mobile phone to download the “Mibro Fit” App, or search for “Mibro Fit” in the mobile app store to download it directly. After downloading and installing, please follow the instructions to complete the registration process;

4.After the registration is complete, please find the scan tool under the equipment page in the App to scan the QR code on the watch to connect, or search for Bluetooth device to connect in the APP.

5.The mobile phone system requires Android5.0+ / iOS10.0+, please make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on, then open the App to connect to the watch;

6.Please do not directly use the built-in Bluetooth system of the phone to connect to the watch, otherwise the App function cannot be used.

1. Make sure that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone system is turned on;
2. Make sure that the watch is not connected with the built-in Bluetooth of the mobile phone system. If it is connected, please disconnect the Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone system first, because the App will automatically block the device which already connected to the system Bluetooth.
3. Re-start the system Bluetooth switch or restart the phone.

Due to the different usage scenarios of mobile phones and watches, mobile phones cannot accurately reflect the activity status in daily use, so the step count data recorded by the watch will be slightly different from that of the mobile phone.

1. Message push on the watch support language:
Simplified Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, German, Italian, Polish, Persian, etc.
2. Mibro Fit mobile APP supports languages:
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Turkish, German, Italian, Polish, Persian (iOS not supported) etc.

The watch encounters problems such as lags, frozen and crashed

1.First press and hold the physical button for 3~5 seconds to power off, then press and hold the button to power on and restart to restore;
2.If the button still does not turn on after long pressing the button, you can use the original standard magnetic charger for charging, and the watch will automatically recover when it is charging.

The app needs to keep running in the background, so the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the mobile phone will not be automatically disconnected. Generally, the memory management of Android mobile phone system will forcibly close the application. The application will not be forcibly closed until the power-saving mode is closed in the system background or the application is added with green protection.
Note: different brands of mobile phones have different permission setting paths, please refer to the background protection guidelines in the app for more details.

The watch cannot receive notifications from Apps such as Skype and Facebook
The App in the mobile phone does not have the notification permission
Take Skype as an example, open the phone Settings—Status bar and notifications—Skype—Allow notifications
The message notification reminder of “Mibro Fit” App is not turned on Solution:
Open the “Mibro Fit” App—connect the watch—device management—message notification—turn off the corresponding switch, and then turn it on again
The mobile phone does not allow the “Mibro Fit” App to read notification permissions
Enter the phone settings-Accessibility (some phones are barrier-free)-“Mibro Fit” App-turn on the switch
Note: The message reminder will only be displayed on the watch when a notification pops up at the top of the phone screen; when the phone is on the application interface of Skype, Facebook, etc., the watch will not display the message reminder. When log into App on multiple devices at the same time, such as computers and mobile phones, the watch may not be able to receive reminders.

The user needs to turn on the bright screen switch in the “Mibro Fit” App message notification (Note: Mibro Air watch does not support this function).

Why sometimes the time displayed on the watch is inaccurate?

The watch will be disconnected from the phone when it is turned off under low power. After recharging and turning on the watch, the time displayed on the watch may deviate. At this time, you need to reconnect to the “Mibro Fit” App, and the watch will synchronize the phone’s time by automatic calibration.

When the user measures the heart rate, the difference in the wearing environment or wearing method will cause some differences. Because the heart rate test is based on the PPG photoelectric principle, there is a distance requirement for light reflection, such as wearing too tightly or too loosely will affect the accuracy of the measurement.
Note: The heart rate measurement data of the watch is only for reference and cannot be used for medical purposes.

The watch does not support alarm settings. Users need to download the “Mibro Fit” App and connect to the watch and set the alarm in the App. The alarm setting will be automatically synchronized to the watch for alarm reminders.

The APP will not update the data in a timely manner. The user needs to open Mibro Fit and manually pull down the App homepage to update the data.
If the data cannot be synchronized, it is recommended to switch the Bluetooth switch of the system or restart the phone, and then open the APP to manually pull down to update the data.

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